"All surfaces record passages and messages. The boundary between photography and other ways of making images is indistinct, and prone to flux. I'm a photographer if 'camera' means the office copier and also the thing that printed textile patterns onto Nagasaki skin."

- Mark Maher

From the book 'Meltpoint'

“More and more we live in a world of disjunctive experiences and surprising juxtapositions and yet, as Maher remarks, evolutionary transformation itself has always been full of such surprises and disjunctions. Nobody is more alert than Maher to capturing the transformative ironies of post-modern life.”

– James Fernandez,

Professor Emeritus of Anthropology, University of Chicago


Born in 1960 in the USA, Mark Maher exhibits his art in Europe, North America, and the Middle East. He lives in Helsinki, Finland, where conditions encourage thoughts and ideas unlikely to thrive in less silent places. His roots are in anthropology, social landscape photography, and long-distance hitchhiking.

For the past three decades Maher has asked interrelated questions about the power of fictional artifacts, the relationship of words and objects to images, and the role of the independent artist as an agent of social criticism.

In addition to his independent projects Maher is a writer and media artist with hasan&partners, a leading Finnish marketing communications company.