Mark Maher has produced three books and two boxed editions of his artwork. You can view images from each of these publications in the 'series' section.


INTO Publishing, 2009

In trouble, cheap plastic toys are melted and spliced into sharply relevant visual commentaries on human nature and our relationship to the natural world. Darkly playful riffs link topics as seemingly diverse as genetic engineering, space-age animism, ecological destruction, and the horrific idiocy of modern warfare. In combining these peculiar images with actual questions from an early 20th century exam for schizophrenia, Maher’s at his quirky best – betting everything on a stylish long-shot aimed squarely at the whole shebang.

- From the book cover



Like Publishing, 2007

Meltpoint is a personal exploration into the nature of things, especially the nature of love – into the seeing of another person, intensely, and with an intimacy both tender and brutal. And it’s about how nothing lasts – least of all what we cherish.

Maher's experimental studio technique involves melting a wispy image onto a heavy steel plate, then altering it with blown heat and sharp knives. Everything happens in a moment.”

- From the text and press release



Satama Interactive, 2006

The Lost Language cardset is both a journey and guide through the baffling landscape of the human heart. This unique set of educational flashcards – modeled loosely on the type meant for learning more ordinary languages – uses clipart and PowerPoint® to map the agonies and vanities at the core of intimate relationship.

- From the introduction



Art-Print Oy, 2004

In the boxed cardset version of his mixed media artwork Alphabet Blocks for Ancient Children, Maher has produced something landing deliciously near non-meaning’s ready abyss, and should for this reason be kept a responsible distance from excessively well-ordered minds. The rest of us can simply enjoy it’s quixotic pleasures and rewarding fool’s-errands designed to illuminate the endlessly twisting sub terrainea between language and pictures, faith and rationalism – between our most ephemeral thoughts and the material world.

- From the introduction



Like Publishing, 2003

Edited from thousands of instant images taken throughout the continental USA, American Polaroids is a darkly humorous, complexly political portait of author-artist Mark Maher's native land. Much more than a clever road trip scrapbook, Maher's unique document shares a journey that's equal parts quixotic personal quest and searing social critique, as outrageous meaning is wrung repeatedly from a New World rich in roadside peculiarities. Maher's America is a relentlessly hallucinogenic daydream in which culture, politics, and history continuosly smolder and mutate, just off the shoulder of a thousand crisscrossed highways.

- From the book cover